Once you have started izyCookie, you will have access to several configuration sections allowing you to set up izyCookie as you see fit. You also have the cookie bar displayed at the bottom of the page allowing you to view your changes in real time! 

Here are the different sections:

Color setting: Here you can change the color of every element in the cookies bar such as the background, the buttons and the text:

Font settings: In this section you can change the font as well as its size and alignment:

Borders settings: Allows you to change the size and colors of the cookie bar borders and the buttons:

Appearance Settings: Here you can activate or deactivate izyCookie, add opacity to the cookies bar or change the buttons style:

Text settings: In this section you can edit the cookies bar texts:

Privacy policy: Allows you to display a link to your privacy policy.

Once you are done setting up izyCookie the way you like, don’t forget to click on the “Save changes” button not to lose all your changes!

If you need any help setting up izyCookie, feel free to contact us on any IzySuite app's live chat!

See you soon!

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