Once izyCheckout is launched, you have access to several tabs:

Checkout Progress Appearance: Allows you to change the progress bar appearance. Here you can choose the colors as well as the text:

Note: Make sure to save your changes on every tab!


Order Reservation Settings: Allows you to personalize the order reservation. You can edit the text, the icon, the colors and much more:


Side Section: Allows you to add an additional customizable section that can be used to display additional information about your store or delivery times, for example:


Miscellaneous Settings: Various settings such as the available payment methods or the different payment icons to display:


How to Use: Explains how to install izyCheckout.

Once you have set izyCheckout the way you like, you can click the "Preview" button to see a final preview:

If you need extra help setting up izyCheckout, feel free to contact us on any IzySuite app's live chat!

See you soon!

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