Welcome to izyFBAsync ! 

When first starting the izyFBAsync app, a window will open where you will need to fill in your Amazon FBA account details so we can sync it with izyFBAsync and Shopify. Here is the information you need:

Once your Amazon FBA account has been added, go directly to the "Configuration" tab to synchronize your Shopify and Amazon FBA shipping methods and change the Amazon Merchant order ID template, you can add a prefix as well as text and/or add the order number.

Note: "Shopify Methods" are the shipping methods you have selected in your Shopify store options.

Then, go to the "Products" tab. This step is essential, you have to link your Shopify products (those on the left) with your Amazon FBA products (those on the right).

Once your Shopify and Amazon FBA products are in sync, you have nothing left to do and the settings are complete!

From the "Orders" tab you can see the list of Shopify orders synchronized with Amazon FBA. You can also see how many orders are in progress, have been synchronized successfully or have failed.

Note: izyFBAsync basic allows you to synchronize 200 orders per month and will cost 10 cents per synchronization beyond the first 200 while the PREMIUM plan offers unlimited synchronization!

If you need more information about izyFBAsync, feel free to write us via chat!

See you soon!

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