Welcome to izyInvoice! With izyInvoice you can personalize your e-mails and invoices for free and in just a few clicks! 

Once you installed the application, go to the “Settings” section to start setting up your e-mails options as well as setting up their design, you can choose from different invoice templates and colors.

In the “General” tab, you can choose to automatically send invoice to your customers by clicking the switch. This will automatically send invoices to your customers once Shopify receives them. You can also add a delay in minutes or hours if you don't want the invoice to be sent straight away.

Just underneath, you can opt-in to receive a monthly e-mail regrouping all the invoices generated this month. You will receive this e-mail once a month and at the end of the month.

In the “Email template” tab you can personalize the content of the e-mails that will be sent to your customers with the invoice. You can edit the text, the colors, add images, icons and much more, with the e-mail editor, the possibilities are endless ! 

The last tab is “PDF Template”. Here, you can fully customize the invoices that will be sent as PDF to your customers:

Just like the e-mail editor, the invoice editor allows you to completely change the design of your invoices by choosing an invoice template, texts and titles colors, but also to add all the necessary information regarding your company or shop on the invoice.

Note: Some features are only available with the PREMIUM plan to which you can subscribe to on the "Premium On" tab of izyInvoice. The PREMIUM plan allows you to save 15 additional invoice templates, send your invoices automatically, receive a monthly e-mail containing all the invoices generated this month and remove the label "Created by IzyInvoice".

If you need help setting up izyInvoice, feel free to write to us via chat!

See you soon!

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