Once you have installed izyProof, you have access to several tabs to set it up.

In the first “Overview tab”, you have access to all the statistics regarding izyProof notifications such as the number of views or clicks as well as the number of line elements in notifications :

Line items: here you can chose the products you want to use as notifications by clicking on the “Products” button but you can also see the active notifications by clicking on the “Line items” button :

Still in the "Line items" tab you can import orders by clicking on the "Import" button on the top right corner. You will be able to download an example file that you need to fill and upload to izyProof: 

Display settings: it’s in this tab that the biggest part of izyProof setup takes place. You can chose how many notifications you want displayed per pages, activate or deactivate the notifications on desktop or mobile or both.

In the “Advanced” section, you can add URLs from your store where you don’t want to display the izyProof notifications.

Notification design: in this tab you can customize the look of your notifications and save them for a future use. You have access to many different settings such as the image and notification position, the text size or its color and more:

You can also use different notification styling presets, you can see them all by clicking on the “View all” button:

You have the possibility to save your notification designs and add them to the list of saved presets by clicking on the “Save as new” button once you are done designing your notification:

Don’t forget that you can also preview your notifications at any time by clicking on the “Preview” button:

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